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30 years experience in Home Cinema Video Technology.

DreamVision® are manufacturers of outstanding video projectors.  The current Inti+ Series are Full High Definition 3D Home Cinema projectors. The Inti+ line has three Active Projectors and three Passive Projectors, the later being the BEST series (Bi-level Efficiency Stereo Transmitter).

DreamVision®  is located in Paris and managed by Jean-Claude Younes.  The company was conceived in 1982, being the first company to import video projectors into the French market.

Jean-Claude Younes started in 1986 to import and distribute the Vidikron brand, developping an innovative marketing policy based on the slogan « Le Cinéma à la Maison » (The Home Cinema). He established a strong retailer network in France, choosing from the High-End specialist independent retail stores and Custom Installers.

Using his rich experience and willingness to share his passion for Home Cinema, Jean-Claude Younes created his own brand in 1996, based on the simple concept :

  • To make people Dream and to deliver high quality, High-End projectors.
  • To bring the Dream Home to reality with affordable video products.

DreamVision® was born.