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DreamVision Inti+ 2 Full HD Active 3D Home Cinema Projector


80,000:1 Contrast Ratio

The Inti+ 2 has a native 80,000:1 contrast ratio. This outstanding contrast ratio is achieved by using latest LCoS panels and wire grid technology.

4k Interpolation

Exclusive feature of the Inti+ 2 and Inti+ 3, the 4k Interpolation turns Full-HD sources into a visibly sharper and more detailed picture.

THX 3D Display

The Inti+ 2 and Inti+ 3 have successfully passed all the tests for the “THX 3D Display” certification. They also come calibrated to THX standards.

Advanced 3D Settings

The dedicated 3D Settings menu is available with 2D and 3D sources Frame Packing, Top & Bottom and Side-by-Side:

• Crosstalk Cancel adjustment

• Parallax Setting

• 2D-to-3D Conversion

• 2D-to-3D Conversion Intensity

7 preset + 9 custom Picture Profiles

The Inti+ 2 comes with an expert calibration menu available to the most demanding users. Each calibration set can be stored into one of 4 dedicated calibrator profiles, 5 User or the 7 preset profiles. Thanks to the new 7-axis HSL calibration, it has never been so easy to obtain a perfect picture.

1200 ANSI Lumens

Bright 1200 ANSI lumens output of the Inti+ 2 can be used with medium to large screens up to 240 inches diagonal, for both 2D and 3D projections.

Technical specifications:

Panel Technology – 3-chip LCOS 0.7 inch panel – Full-HD 1920×1080 Resolution.

Optic – Full-glass Motorized Lens (zoom & focus) 1.4 – 2.8:1 (2x zoom).

Screen Offset – Motorized Optical Shift +/- 80% vertically +/- 34% horizontally.

Screen size – (16:9) 60” – 240” diagonal.

Lamp consumption – 220 W Bulb – up to 3 000 hours (with lamp used in standard mode).

Brightness – 1,200 ansi Lumens.

Contrast Ratio – 80,000:1.

Noise Level – Less than 19 dB.

Inputs – 2x HDMI rev 1.4a, 1x Component (3 RCA), 1x Analogue PC (Dsub15).

Adjustable Lens Aperture – 16 steps.

SLM™, Smart Lamplife Management – Automatic (Configurable).

Expert Calibration Menu – YES (for calibration expert only).

Picture Mode Presets – 6 + 5 User Modes +THX + 4 for calibration expert.

Home Cinema Video Processing – Crystal Motion®, True Cinema Black, 4K Interpolation.

Screen Adjustment – 255 Modes.

3D Method – Frame Sequential with Active Shutter Glasses. With Parallax and Cross Talk Cancel adjustments.

3D Compatibility – Frame Packing, Side-by Side and Top-Bottom (incl. 1080i Frame Packing, 720p/1080p24 Side-by Side).

3D features – 2D to 3D Conversion, 3D V Stretch (For Theatre System Kit).

CMS functions – YES (7-Axis).

Weight – 15.0 kg (33.7 lbs).

Dimensions – 215mm x 455mm x 505mm (HWD).

Home Automation – RS-232 (Dsub 9) / LAN RJ45.

Digital Keystone – YES (not compatible with 3D Mode).

Box Dimensions – 610x580x410 mm 20 kg.

3D Glasses – Active Shutter Glasses (P/N R1048205).

Included accessories:

3D glasses

DreamVision 3D active-shutter glasses benefit from the latest ergonomic innovations and technologies. It adopts fast-response liquid crystal lenses to create the best image quality without ghosting wherever you sit. Higher brightness, more natural colors and great durability. Weighing only 58 gr (2 oz), its ergonomic design offers optimal comfort for everyone.

3D glasses


The Emitter can be used to command a screen by Radio-Frequency instead of the standard wired on/off switch.

Colours – Standard colours are glossy White and Black.

Life collection – Colours to suit your decor based on RAL classification – AUD$POA.

Recommended Retail Price Inti+ 2 – AUD$POA.

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