> Press Release: DreamVision Launches Yunzi Home Cinema Projector Series

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February 2013.

Full HD 3D Projectors blending Cutting Edge Performance and Features with European Styling and Craftsmanship


DreamVision, a cutting-edge brand of residential video products for the home theatre specialist, debuted the Yunzi Series, an exciting new projector line up. Yunzi Family, Yunzi 1, Yunzi 2 and Yunzi 3 are four high performance models that integrate many of the latest technologies available on the market such as 1080p resolution (1920×1080 3-LCOS engine) and 3D projection technologies.

Raising the standards of picture quality

The new three-chip system utilized on the Yunzi Series features a trio of 1080p Full-HD panels at a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Using the latest technological innovations, DreamVision has achieved a 50,000:1 (Yunzi Family and Yunzi 1), 90,000:1 (Yunzi 2) and a breathtaking 130,000:1 native contrast ratio (Yunzi 3) through an improved light engine. Reaching 1300 ansi lumens in normal mode, the Yunzi can now accommodate wider screens and brightness-demanding 3D technology.

In addition to jaw-dropping clarity and detail, the Yunzi Series also delivers more accurate color reproduction within billion color graduations for lifelike realism.

The Crystal Motion® algorithm is a frame interpolation method which brings an immersive experience to sport, concerts, TV shows. Picture becomes dramatically realistic and three-dimensional, without motion blur or artifacts.

Obviously the Yunzi Series is not dedicated to watching singers or footballers only. Thanks to a new very pure optical lens, the Yunzi Series create a new standard in dark colors rendition. When watching a movie, black is really black, with a lot more detailed. Yunzi 1, 2 and 3 have been particularly engineered this way and implement DreamVision’s new True Cinema Black ® enhancement.

With the Yunzi Series, 3D projection at home now becomes a reality

For the DreamVision R&D team it is important to do 3D the right way, without sacrificing the performance with regular 2D content.

Therefore the DreamVision team has prepared two kinds of projector packs: the active 3D packs and the passive 3D packs.

In the active 3D packs, the active-shutter glasses benefit from the latest ergonomic innovations and technologies. It adopts fast-response liquid crystal lenses to create the best image quality without ghosting wherever you sit, higher brightness, more natural colors and great durability. Weighing only 57 gr (2 oz), its ergonomic design offers optimal comfort for everyone.

The supplied 3D kit allows easy integration in a few minutes time. (Optional on Yunzi Family)

The benefits of the Dreamvision B.E.S.T. Passive 3D packs are numerous. First of all, the passive 3D glasses are lighter (around 10g), less expensive and more comfortable. Besides, the picture quality is spectacularly improved: more brightness, more details and more accurate colours. The spectators feel less dizziness, eyestrain and headache than with active 3D solutions. Last but not least, because it does not require stacking two projectors together, the overall budget of the Dreamvision solution is much lower than with competitors’ passive 3D solutions.

All in all, the DreamVision Yunzi projectors and their dedicated 3D Kit are definitely the best compromise on the marketplace for picture quality, brightness/colors and comfort.


A powerful program with 2.35 Theater Mode

While the Yunzi is a turnkey, single-box solution, it is also available with the optional 2.35 Theatre System kit that will accommodate the most demanding installations. By featuring a true Cinemascope projection (2.35:1 to 2.40:1 native aspect ratio), the user can simply switch between HDTV and Cinemascope with the touch of a button.

CMS functions (Color Management System for color calibration) are accessible for the advanced installers of Yunzi 1, 2 3. On Yunzi 2 and 3, a THX Mode and an Expert Calibration Menu (via RS232) have been added and optimized for movie watching in a dedicated dark cinema room.

The built-in video processor is powered by HQV technologies, featuring the latest video quality enhancements to make any video source, from 480i to 1080p, look like pristine Full-HD native resolution:

  • Digital noise reduction
  • Mosquito noise reduction
  • Color transition improvement
  • Detail enhancement
  • Automatic Film and Video mode detection
  • Color Management System for color calibration (not on Yunzi Family).

Versatility and Ease of Installation

In addition to its impressive performance, the Yunzi projectors are also a snap to install. The input panel, concealed on the back of the projector, offers quick access to a wide array of connections. The 2X zoom, combined with a variable electronic lens aperture, allows for perfect adjustment in virtually any residential installation.

With the new fully motorized professional lens, the installation becomes easier and faster.

The Yunzi Series will accommodate almost any kind of setup thanks to the -80/+80% vertical shift and the -34/+34% horizontal shift, seconded by the crisp, high quality Keystone. In essence, the vertical and horizontal lens shift can solve any challenging configuration.

DreamVision Yunzi is also a lifestyle

The projector’s ultra-stylish chassis was created by the famed French designer, Antoine Beon, also known in home theatre for his work with DreamBee and Focal. Named after the stone pieces for the game of Go, the Yunzi come standard in black or white color. A contemporary work of art, Yunzi is also available in a rainbow of high gloss colors to suit any fine interior.


Thanks to a new airflow design, a new lamp and a better management of the power, the Yunzi Series are the quietest projectors by DreamVision ever. Icing on the cake, the lamp lifetime has been increased by 30%, up to 4,000 hours, making the Yunzi Series greener and more economic in the long run.

Key Features of the Yunzi Series:

  • 3D projection with bespoke 3D glasses and accessories
  • Possibility to do passive 3D projection
  • 1080p24 format for a smooth, true cinema-like motion
  • Crystal Motion mode for a realistic and smooth show
  • Improved Light Engine to achieve up to 130,000:1 native contrast (Yunzi 3).
  • Advanced color management system
  • Below perception working noise
  • Ease of installation, versatile for wide variety of installations
  • Custom high-gloss colors available in addition to white and black
  • 2.35 Theater Mode with optional cinemascope kit
  • Optional tailor-made Ceiling Mount Kit

About DreamVision

Located in Paris and led by industry pioneer Jean Claude YOUNES, this visionary French firm had its beginnings way back in 1982, being the very first company to import video projectors into the French Market.

Fourteen years later, Jean Claude Younes decided to create his own brand of cutting edge video products and he called it DreamVision. Since 1996, in the shadow of the world-famous Montmartre hill, DreamVision has been developing and refining the latest advancements in digital display technology to provide state-of-the-art video products for Home Cinema. Today, DreamVision is a highly respected, global brand in high-performance video.