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DreamVision Siglos BEST IV Passive 3D 4K Home Cinema Projector

Three years after the first version, DreamVision improves its Passive 3D projection solution once again

DreamVision releases the Siglos BEST IV – 3D Passive Series projector range. The B.E.S.T. (Bi-level Efficiency Stereo Transmitter) module is the third version of this passive 3D solution which has been a proven milestone in the history of video-projection.

DreamVvision has opened the field of passive 3D – usually dedicated to big theatre multiplexes – to the public with a product which is better performing, easier to install and cheaper than its challengers. This revolutionary solution for the Home Cinema market is exclusive to DreamVision. The creation of the three-dimensional effect is based on an innovating management of the light path and an optimised polarisation modulator.

In order to achieve a unique efficiency in 3D projection, the DreamVision BEST 3D Passive solution implements high-tech materials that can modify the entire light ray. This results into an optimized system, whose performance in 2D is equivalent to the one in 3D. That’s why we talk about 5D projectors, 2D+3D.

By the way, what is the purpose of doing Passive 3D projection?

As far as the spectators are concerned, there’s an immediate benefit to Passive 3D over Active 3D – which is generally used on the residential market (for example on the regular DreamVision Siglos Series): the weight of the glasses. Thanks to the absence of embedded electronics and battery, the DreamVision Passive 3D glasses are indeed ten times lighter than the Active 3D glasses of the brand, even though the latter are among the lightest ones on the market. Besides, DreamVision can supply a “clip-on” item for the customers who already wear viewing glasses. The 1 gram difference is literally imperceptible. A very welcome comfort after 3 hours of the Hobbit!

The glasses are called “passive” in the sense that they are not active; as there is no active shutter. With the DreamVision BEST system, the perception of the 3D images is smooth. The spectator therefore feels more comfortable. This reduces the eye strain, avoids the headaches or nauseas that sometimes disturb a few spectators during the usual active 3D projections.

Last but not least, Passive 3D glasses are much cheaper than Active 3D glasses. On top of that, there is no battery to replace. And there are glasses for all tastes and budgets: many prestigious brands such as Prada, Gucci or Oakley also sell polarised glasses which are compatible with the DreamVision system.

After all, these advantages are inherent to Passive 3D in general. How come the Siglos BEST combo is unique and revolutionary?

The huge innovation of the DreamVision BEST concept is the exceptional efficiency of the light process which only slightly reduces the brightness and the native contrast (between 60,000:1 and 150,000:1 depending on the models) of the projector. The new range of projectors based on the revolutionary BEST – passive 3D system can project at a brightness of more than 1,100 ANSI lumens in 2D and 3D and it offers a 50% increase in brightness in 3D mode compared to the regular active sets by Dreamvision which lose a good half of the brightness. It is also brighter, for the same reason, than supposedly superior DLP projectors.

The new models of this year deliver a brighter picture, more detailed and more pleasing, less exhausting for the eye. The boring ghosting effect has also been spectacularly reduced versus the previous generations. Icing on the cake, the DreamVision 400 Hz Crystal MotionTM video-processing henceforth works in passive 3D mode.

By the way, let’s notice that the quality and the comfort in 3D mentioned above have not been obtained at the detriment of the standard 2D projection. Now that the brightness is similar in 2D and 3D there is no more dilemmas between a big screen for 2D and a small but brighter screen for 3D. As a result, the BEST Passive 3D system will also do miracles in professional small and mid-size rooms as well as in museums.

Last but not least, let us not neglect the practical and financial aspects. Up to now, Passive 3D has generally meant stacking two projectors one above the other. This involved a long and hard time to align the two images and obtain a good balance of the colours. And of course it also meant twice the budget. It is no longer the case in the Siglos BEST – 3D Passive solution which requires only one projector. This results in a major saving of time and money. Turn four screws, plug and play… Everything has been set in the DreamVision laboratory.

This passive 3D solution has been designed and made in France, a country which has a historical relationship with the cinema industry and a real expertise in the field of 3D technologies. It has been selected by many museums and modern art galleries in France, such as the famous Lascaux III exhibition.


DreamVision extends its range of video-projectors with this amazing Passive 3D solution. This evolution toward Passive 3D was natural for the demanding engineers of DreamVision, insofar as it is the most comfortable solution for the spectators, thanks to the adoption of lightweight, cost-effective, heavy-duty glasses. But DreamVision has pushed the usual limits of passive 3D technology further.

Until today, unless for the customers with an extravagant budget, Passive 3D at home has always been synonymous with poor quality: wrong colours, very low contrast, many artifacts. The DreamVision Passive 3D solution can be called unique, in as much as it fully uses the natural qualities of the Siglos projectors, the qualities that are needed in a Home Cinema context: the picture is always sharp and neat, the blacks are detailed, the colours are rich but natural, the contrast ratio reaches levels that were never reached before in stereoscopic 3D. Besides, thanks to the new BEST system, 3D projection is now 50% brighter than with the regular Dreamvision active 3D kit.

For the first time ever, it is now possible to obtain an optimal 3D viewing experience with only one sole projector.

PS: In order to reach the best performances in 2D, DreamVision makes its own screens, the Passive 5D screens. Thanks to a special coating, this cloth eliminates the phenomenon of “hot spots” frequently observed on traditional high gain silver screens. Put shortly, it is optimised for passive 3D projection as well as 2D projection.